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Radio Supa

Radio Supa is a world reaching internet broadcasted radio station. We are in our 10th year of service and have currently have launched over 2 million streams to listeners. The station boasts show content from popular DJ’s residing in the Phoenix market, California, New York and reaching all the way out to the United Kingdom.  We run live shows 7 days a week, including interviews from artists, producers, business representatives and tastemakers across and outside of America. We broadcast 24/7 with live content on Radio Supa broadcasts at 12pm PST/MST M-F, 4pm PST/MST M-F and 7pm PST/MST M-F and other music content playing outside of those hours.

Terrence TJ SupaHype Rogers

Terrence TJ SupaHype Rogers is a 29 year music industry veteran who has operated in major industry. Initially beginning at Jive Records in New York, Terrence has experience working at major recording facilities such as the Hit Factory NY, (Herb) Powers House of Sound (#1 Mastering studio in America 1999 – Billboard Magazine) and (C&C) Music Factory Mix Studios. He has released several projects under his label and artist services company Supa Music. He created the world reaching internet radio platform, has appeared in / operated as music supervisor on several independent films and currently operates and hosts a web television show, the Rock The Mic music video show & the Live From The Fortress Show on Through the years he is also responsible for creating working platforms, assisting with the development of the careers of many creative individuals, indie artists and new businesses.

He carries a Certificate in Audio Engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies, a Master’s Degree in Leadership & is completing a Doctorate’s in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

Melvin DJ DN3 Raymond

Melvin Raymond (DJ DN³), a product of the Philadelphia area is a 24 year music industry veteran, currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. He worked early in his career at the Philadelphia based studio owned by Jazzy Jeff, A Touch of Jazz. He has performed on national as well as international tours with star recording artist Random / Mega Ran and operated as a sound producer on the web televisions show The Rock The Mic Show.


Melvin Raymond (DJ DN³) is a music producer, artist, DJ and radio host. He is the founder of One 3eagle Music, the creator and official DJ for The Friday Lunchbox Mix show on that airs every Friday at 12 noon MST and the Off The Cuff show that airs Monday at 7pm MST. Both shows air on DJ DN³ is also an official DJ of Arizona based Earsweat Records Label and DJ / Producer of Social Studies

Melvin Raymond carries a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from Saint Joseph’s University.

Lisa Arenas

Lisa Arenas has operated for 10 years as the Promotional Director at She has been prominent in social media, marketing and promotion of the company booking guests, lining up shows and cultivating relationships. She has operated in promotions and marketing for the Rock The Mic Show.


In her operations doing artist management, she has encountered / worked with many gold and platinum selling artists (such as Kurupt, Suga T, Kokane, Rampage, etc…) and been significant in booking, promoting and assisting many other independent artists.

Kimberly Draughn

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