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Monique DeFrance Music Review Show

The Monique DeFrance Music Review show is a live broadcast in which artists, producers and others can submit music to a panel for constructive feedback, as they seek to enter or release new projects to the industry. Created by Charles Muhammad & Monique DeFrance, the show operates not only as an avenue to give critique to newly submitted music, but to also advance projects that may be ready for entrance into the industry. This is done by offering opportunities for radio AirPlay, producer packages, radio interviews, social media packages, sponsor clothing and other creative opportunities. The panel of music reviewers contain between them over 75 years of industry experience across various areas in the industry.
The panel consists of Charles Muhammad, who has operated in artist management, engineering, event organization, concert promotion & as a hip hop artist
Monique DeFrance is an R&B singer, a DJ and promotes several of her own brands in and outside of entertainment
Terrence TJ SupaHype Rogers is a major music industry veteran who has worked in A&R, managed major recording studios. He is the creator of the station Radio Supa & the Rock The Mic Music Video Show & a hip hop artist
James Anthony operates as a music engineer, photographer, filmographer, a technician and has operated as a hip hop artist
The Monique DeFrance Radio Supa Music Review show averages a monthly social reach of almost 200,000 and provides an opportunity for emerging artists to move forward in there career. The show airs at 4p pst / 7p pst every Sunday.